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Frequently Asked Questions

Payday Loan FAQs

Do I need to have a checking account to get a payday loan?

•Yes, you must have a checking account that you can write a personal check on.


I do not use checks. Can I still get a payday loan?

•Yes, if you have a checking account that will accept personal checks. You will need to have your bank routing number and your account number.


I have an out-of-state ID. Can I still get a payday loan?

•Yes, but you will need to provide verification of your current address (utility bill or

phone bill).


How much can I get on a payday loan?

•We can loan up to $425.00 on a payday loan. The amount you qualify for will depend on your take home pay.


I have a payday loan with another company. Can I still get one from Cash Advance of Lebanon?

•That will depend on the amount of your payday loan with the other company. According to Tennessee state law, you can have up to $500.00 out at one time (including the fee).


How long do I have to pay back the payday loan?

•We hold your check until your next payday.


Do you do a credit check?

•No, we do not check your credit.

Title Pledge Loan FAQs

How much can I get on a title pledge loan?

•The amount we loan will depend on the value of the vehicle and the amount of your take home pay.  We can loan up to the Tennessee state limit of $2500.00.


Do you do a credit check?

•No, we do not check your credit.


My title is out-of-state. Can you still do a title pledge loan?

•No, you must have a Tennessee title in order to do a title pledge loan.


How long do I have to pay the loan?

•In Tennessee, title pledge loans are for 30 days.  Your loan may be renewed every 30 days upon payment of the interest and fees. Starting on the 3rd renewal, you must pay 5% of your principle balance with the interest and fees for each renewal.


How much is the interest and fees?

•In Tennessee, the maximum interest rate is 2% of the loan amount and the maximum fee rate is 20% of the loan amount. Cash Advance of Lebanon offers much lower rates. Contact us for details.

What do I have to bring for any loan?


• Most recent bank statement

• Verification of income (paystub)

• Verification of your home address

  (phone/utility bill)

• Picture ID (Driver's License/State ID)

• Social Security Card

• Completed Application

• Personal check or bank routing and

  account number (payday loan)

• Tennessee Title (Title loan)

• Vehicle for inspection (Title loan)  

• Extra set of keys (Title loan)

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